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Your children deserve the best. A backyard playground to call their own can create a new world of imagination, skills development, and fun for your children and their friends. It is a special place to have lunch, to swing, to slide, to play in the sand, or to climb. Your child's new playground will quite likely become the center piece of your family's backyard and some time should be spent evaluating your options.

Once you have decided on a path to add a playground to your backyard, you should (a) decide whether a metal or wooden set is right for you, (b) get the full delivered and installed price of the playground for you to weigh into the decision along with your children's desire for the specific playground's features, (c) allow some time for your sticker shock to subside before making an emotionally-based decision! Metal sets are not covered in this article since the options to acquire metal sets are limited - metal components must be manufactured in a factory at a generally fixed-cost to the consumer. Wooden play systems add on many playground benefits: longevity, strength, appearance, maintenance, ease of expansion, and provide your kids with a fort/clubhouse/sandbox in addition to the customary slide, swing, and climbing activities to name a few.

There are (3) primary ways to acquire a traditional wooden fort/swingset playground combo with the basic list, or an upgraded set, of fun features for your children (6x6x5ft fort, 6x6 sandbox below, colorful solid or striped roof top, 2-4 position swing set, slide(s), inclined step ladder, gangplank ramp, monkey bars, climbing rock wall, tire swing):
(1) Installers come and a few days later the playground exists.  ($3.0K+)
(2) Purchase an "Everything Including Lumber" KIT with pre-cut and pre-drilled lumber, and then spend a weekend following instructions to assemble it yourself.  ($2.0-$2.5K+ with quality lumber & playground design/features, $1.5-$2.0K+ if sacrificing lumber size, fastener & equipment quality, and/or play features.)
(3) Purchase a Detailed Play Systems "Everything Except Lumber" KIT, spend a few extra hours cutting and drilling the hand-selected local lumber of your choice, and then continue following the instructions to assemble. (Kit + Play Equipment + Lumber < $1.0K, without sacrificing quality). *

If keeping costs to a minimum without sacrificing quality is an attractive option for your family, and you are willing to perform some basic wood processing (measuring, cutting straight lines, and drilling) prior to bolting/assembling, and you would enjoy creating something very special for your children and their friends, then option (3) is clearly the best choice for your family. Detailed Play Systems introduced the concept of Build@Home all-bolted quality to the playground market with our Detailed Plans ©1998 that make it easy. Many parents (some having had no prior wood experience) have installed our play systems with all options. To date, Detailed has provided thousands of satisfied families with everything needed to be successful in building their own backyard playground for a fraction of the cost without sacrificing size, strength, safety, quality, or features.

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* Option 1-3 costs provided as guideline reference for actual comparison.

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