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Why pay more for comparable pre-built wooden swing sets ?
and still spend a weekend assembling, or sacrifice quality with no expansion possible...
Jungle Fort Swingset Playground : $900.-$1200.
Total cost for kits, play equipment, freight, and lumber - final cost will vary with options.

Jungle Fort - Kit Selections 
Just Add Lumber
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Jungle Fort Swing Sets
Jungle Fort Swing Set


Jungle Fort Swing Set Features
• Largest Fort: 6'x6', 5' platform height, 6' headroom
• Heavy Duty 4x4 & 4x6 Construction
• Sandbox under Fort, (8" deep, 4 seats),  (2) accessory beams (2x6)
• Inclined Step Ladder (standard, w/ Full Handrails & Playset Handgrips)
• Gangplank Ramp (build optional)
• 4 position Swingset. Attached 8'H 12'L 4x6 Swing Beam (12'L Std., from 8'L up to 16'L available). Up to 6 accessory positions total incl. 2x6 Fort beams.
• Monkey Bars, Rock Wall, Picnic Table, Tire Swing (Options)
• Custom Rock Wall Designs (Option)
• Splinter-Free wood-polymer for platform, walls. Optional
• Activities are Separated  Slide on its own side... away from Ladder.
Jungle Fort Swingset Kit Contents  [ SEE CONTENTS ]
• Fort & Swingset Main Kit
   • Detailed Plans (Fort, Sandbox, Swingset, Ladder, Ramp)
   • All Hot-Dipped Galvanized Hardware (req'd for Treated Pine)
    • (6) 6" Swing Hangers, (2) 4" Swing Hangers
    • (3/8" & 1/2" Carriage Bolts/Washers/Nuts, Deck & Lag Screws, Brackets)
• Marine-grade Vinyl Roof Tarp (R|B|G|Y)
• (2) Belt Swings w/ Coated Chains
• (1) Trapeze Bar & Rings w/ Coated Chains
• (2) pair Safety Handgrips (Ladder & Slide openings)
• Lumber Not Included (purchase locally, from $275.)
• Slides Sold Separately wooden swing sets lumber guide
Options: 10ft Wave, Scoop, Combo Slides, 5ft Spiral Slide, Sandbox Cover, Rope Ladder, Bucket Swings, Steering Wheel, Telescope, Accessory PAKs
Substitutions: Orders may be customized as required.
swing set plans downloadable [ SITE PLANS ]
Completion time:
Approximately 16-20 hours
swing set beam design A-Frame Swing Beam Support:
10-1/2" of 4x4 beam plus (5) 1/2" hot-dipped galvanized carriage bolts support 4x6 swing beam. STRONG. No metal bracketry with lag screws or nails required. Design includes bracing for lateral stability. Easy to install. Similar to high-end swing set A-Frames. Heavy-duty, designed to last.
• Strength & Stability: Jungle Fort Swing Sets use (2) 3/8" galvanized carriage bolts per joint to keep the Fort strong for years, and heavy duty hot-dipped galvanized 1/2" bolting for the Swing Set. We include 42lbs! of galvanized bolting and other hardware in our Main Kits.
Jungle Fort Swing Set
Add to, remove, or exchange any item(s) included in our Kits for the accessories of your choice!
Kit Selections: $359.00
Fill in quantity in each row. Choose your Colors!

Fort & Swingset, Main Kit : Choose (1)
 Blue  Green  Red
 B-Y-B  G-Y-G  R-Y-R
Fort Roof Tarp : Choose (1)
 Blue  Green  Red  Yellow
Belt Swings : Choose total of (2)
 Blue  Green  Yellow
Trapeze Bar : Choose (1)
 Blue  Green  Red  Yellow
Handgrips : Choose total of (2) pair
Enter colors and quantities.
Slides, Add-on Kits, Accessory PAKs
10ft Slides (Fort)
Four slide models! Wave, 10ft Scoop, Combo & Spiral.
Swing Hanger Upgrade Kit
Upgrade to Ductile Iron or Steel Composite Swing Hangers
Monkey Bar Kit
Add Monkey Bars to the Jungle Fort
Rock Wall Kit
Add a Rock Climbing Wall to the Jungle Fort
Tire Swing Kit
Add a Tire Swing to the Jungle Fort Swing Set
Picnic Table Kit
Add a Picnic Table beneath the Jungle Fort
Kit Accessory PAKs
Add more accessories to the Jungle Fort Swing Set
Jungle Fort Tower Kit
Add a 7ft Tower to the Jungle Fort
Jungle Fort Campus Kits
Double the Jungle Fort fun and add a Tube Tunnel
Build a Swing Set with Detailed Play!
• Our Fort Swing Set Kits include your choice of solid or multi-color roof tarp, playset handgrips on a full-length handrailed step ladder entrance and slide exit for safety, and heavy duty polymer belt swings and trapeze bars with coated chains to prevent pinching.
• Our Detailed Plans offer the option to build a Gankplank Ramp entrance into the Fort in addition to the Inclined Step Ladder.
• The Jungle Fort Swing Set configuration provides up to (6) accessory positions for swings, rope ladders, trapeze bars, climbing ropes, and accessories of your choice.
• The top of the 4 x 6 x 12 or 16ft swing beam is 8ft-high and is supported using the Jungle Fort on one side and a solidly braced A-Frame support on the other.
• Jungle Fort Swing Sets are built using standard 4x4 and 4x6 lumber, securely fastened using 1/2" galvanized carriage bolts allowing for complete disassembly and relocation.
Our Complete Kit Selection: [ SWING SETS ]

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