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Why buy light weight small wood or metal swing sets ?
Build. Use solid 4x4, 4x6, and strong 1/2" Carriage Bolting. Huge 10FT swing beam height!
Jungle Swingset Slide Playground : $600.-$1000.
Total cost for kits, swings, trapeze, slide, and lumber - final cost will vary with options.

Jungle Fort - Kit Selections 
Just Add Lumber

Jungle Swingset Slide
Jungle Swingset Slide


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Jungle Swingset Slide Features
3 Position Swingset. 10'H, 12'L. Solid 4x6x12' beam, 1/2"-bolted 4x4 A-Frame. Interchangeable swing positions, customizable.
• Heavy Duty 4x4 & 4x6 Construction.
• A-Frames are strong, all A-Frame design is easy to build!
3ft x 5ft Slide Platform attached to Swingset, 5ft deck height, 5ft headroom. Overall play structure dimensions including slide and longer swing chain radius, 15'L x 20'W
• Supports slides designed for standard 5ft deck height. (Wave, Combo, Scoop, Spiral)
NEW! Multi-Color Roof Top for play system built using A-Frame's. Color and shade are no longer just for larger fort playgrounds.
• Inclined Step Ladder entry to rear side of Slide Platform. Option to add Monkey Bars to rear side of Slide Platform.
• Option to add Rock Wall, Sliding Pole, or 2nd Slide on side opposite Swingset.
NEW! Add a sleek and stylish Commercial Slide Hood to the front of the Jungle Swingset Slide.
• Big play value, smaller footprint: 10ft-high swinging and 10ft-long sliding fun!
Jungle Swingset Slide Kit Contents
• Swingset & Slide Platform - Main Kits
   • Detailed Plans (Jungle Swingset Slide)
   • All Hot-Dipped Galvanized Hardware (req'd for Treated Pine)
    • (1/2" Carriage Bolts/Washers/Nuts, Lag & Deck Screws)
    • (6) 6" Swing Hangers
• (2) Belt Swings w/ 8-1/2ft Coated Chains
• (1) Trapeze Bar & Rings w/ Coated Chains
• Set of (4) Steel Auger Anchors
• Marine-grade Vinyl Roof Tarp (R|B|G|Y)
•(2) pair Safety Handgrips (Ladder & Slide openings)
• Lumber Not Included (purchase locally, from $150.00)
• Slides, Firepole, Hood Sold Separately wooden swing sets lumber guide
Options: Bucket Swings, Tire Swing, Fireman's Sliding Pole, Rock Wall, Wave Slide, Combo Slide, Spiral Slide
Substitutions: Orders may be customized as required.
swing set plans downloadable [ SITE PLANS ]
Completion time:
Approximately 9-15 hours
Jungle Swing Set
Jungle Swingset Slide
Add to, remove, or exchange any item(s) included in our Kits for the accessories of your choice!
Kit Selection: $340.00 (10ft high beam)
Fill in quantity in each row. Choose your Colors!

Swingset, Main Kit : Choose (1)

Slide Platform, Main Kit : Choose (1)
 Blue  Green  Red
 B-Y-B  G-Y-G  R-Y-R
Slide Platform Roof Tarp : Choose (1)
 Blue  Green  Red  Yellow
Belt Swings (with 8-1/2ft long Yellow coated chains)
Choose total of (2)
 Blue  Green  Yellow
Trapeze Bar : Choose (1)
 Blue  Green  Red  Yellow
Handgrips : Choose total of (2) pair

Metal Ground Anchors : Choose (1)
Enter colors and quantities.
Jungle Swingset Slide
with Commercial Slide Hood Upgrade!
swing set slide hood
Add Slide Hood: $315.00 (with Free Freight)
 Blue  Green  Red  Yellow Commercial Slide Hood : Choose total of (1)
Enter colors and quantities.
Slides, Add-on Kits, Accessory PAKs
10ft Slides - Sliding Pole
Four slide models! Wave, 10ft Scoop, Combo & Spiral.
Swing Hanger Upgrade Kit
Upgrade to Ductile Iron or Steel Composite Swing Hangers
Tire Swing Kit
Add a Tire Swing to the Jungle Swingset Slide
Rock Wall Kit
Add a Rock Climbing Wall to the Jungle Swingset Slide
Kit Accessory PAKs
Add more accessories to the Jungle Swingset
Jungle Fort Swingset Kit
Build an attached Fort/Swingset playground
Build a Swing Set with Detailed Play!
Jungle Swingset shown at left.
Standalone 8-9-10'H Swingset, 12'L - without Slide Platform. Add Slide Platform to 10'H Swingset at any time, the Jungle Swingset can grow with your family!
Our Complete Kit Selection: [ SWING SETS ]

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