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Jungle Fort ® Playground Lumber List     [ LUMBER FORM ]
 We recommend using download at right to print for lumber quote/purchase.     
  Jungle Fort
(w/ Ladder)
Tower Swingset
8ft high
4 pos.
Gang- plank Ramp Monkey Bars Rock Wall Picnic Table Mega Top Scoop Slide Swingset
8ft high
10ft high
3 pos.
4x4x8' *4    5  - 4      
4x4x10'     4         + 4   7  
4x4x12'   4                 7
4x6x12'     1             1 1
2x6x12'85  2  3       
2x4x12'1211 12 2 3 13 2 1 1
2x4x8'             2        
5/4x6x12'64  3 5-9 *3        
2x2x8'2  5           
• purchase (4) 4x4x10' instead of (4) 4x4x8' for Jungle Fort/Mega Top option. * use 2x6x12' if 5/4 not avail.
• see Lumber Guide download to calculate exact 5/4x6 needed for Rock Wall options.
• mark columns containing lumber list for option(s) included in your playground, total marked quantities left to right.

Jungle Fort ® may be built using any of the following lumber types:
Treated Pine
• DPS suggests Pine since it is the least expensive and strongest option •
Cedar, Redwood, Douglas Fir, Trex (non-structural parts)

Fastener Hardware & Playgrounds:
All Hot Dipped Galvanized (HDG) Fasteners (Bolting/Screws/Braces) are included in our kits.
Lumber manufacturers specify use of HDG fasteners for use with treated pine lumber.

For more information on lumber and wood treatments & preservatives:
Southern Pine Councilhttp://www.southernpine.com
Chemical Specialties ACQ Preserve(tm)http://www.treatedwood.com/preserve
Wolmanized NaturalSelect(tm)http://www.naturalselect.com/
Osmose NatureWood(tm)http://www.osmosewood.com/naturewood
Trex(tm) Wood Polymer Lumberhttp://www.trex.com

Lumber Purchase:
Any lumber used must be suitable for outdoor use. We recommend purchasing lumber from a local lumber yard that supplies ACQ Preserve, Osmose NatureWood, or Wolmanized NaturalSelect lumber brands of treated pine or equivalents and specializes in the lumber business. Additionally, most home improvement stores should also be able to supply suitable lumber.

Lumber Cost Estimates (Pine):
Jungle Fort$225.00 and up *(Fort and Ladder)
Jungle Fort Swingset$275.00 and up *(Fort, Ladder with Swingset)
Jungle Fort Tower$150.00 and up *(Tower)
• The exact cost of the lumber for your new backyard playground depends upon (a) the options you choose to build, (b) the type of lumber product you select, and (c) the price charged for the lumber at your local lumber supply. Please print the table above or our Lumber Purchase Form download for exact quote on the lumber cost for your Jungle Fort playground.
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