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Tire Swing Kit
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Tire Swing Features
• Mounts to main Jungle Fort Swingset 12' long beam (1 bay), or use a longer 4x6x16ft beam and our Swingset 2nd A-Frame Kit (2 bay) to support BOTH the tire swing and regular swing activities!
• Full length 5-1/2 ft plastisol coated chains and 8FT high beam support for more fun swing radius.
• Snap on/off hardware is included to easily swap the tire swing in and out on single 12ft beam as shown in photo above.
• Heavy duty tire swing swivel upgrade available.
• Winston Cup and Plastic Commercial Tire upgrades available.
• Lumber Not Included
Tire Swing Playground
Tire Swing Kit
Add a Tire Swing to any Jungle Fort Swingset playground configuration.
Fill in quantity in each row.

Tire Swivel: Choose (1)
Leave empty to upgrade to Heavy Duty Swivel

Tire Eye Bolts: Enter (1)
Clevis will be substituted if Plastic Tire ordered.
 Blue   Green   Yellow
Coated Swing Chains / 5-1/2 ft: Choose (3)
Leave empty to upgrade to 8-1/2ft coated chains.
Enter colors and quantities.

Add Tire:
Nascar Sprint Cup Tire





Commercial Plastic Tire
Enter colors and quantities.
winston cup playground tire
Winston Cup Tire - $95.00
commercial plastic tire swing
Commercial Plastic Tire - $125.00
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